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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After WW2 the Rattlesnake Bomber Base, which was at Pyote, Texas, was used as a place to "pickle" and store bombers. The dry climate was better for temporarily preserving them while it was decided what to do with them. I remember passing by as a young child and seeing hundreds, probably thousands, of B-17 and B-29 bombers, in long rows that seemed to stretch forever. It was a sight that I have never forgotten; it really put forth to me America's power and might, and at the same time was sad, like a graveyard of valiant warriors.

Rattlesnake Bomber Base was once home to the Enola Gay. The original base entryway still stands off I-20 but the base is a descent way off. Most of the hangers are still there and are the remains of several WWII bombers, though thanks to the bascisity of the dirt, they are rusted beyond salvagability. 4WD isn't actually nesicary once you're there but the majority of the driving involved is through West Texas desert which is overgrown with mesquite and tumbleweed so puntured tires are quite likely.

The satellite map should show the landing strips, if not move the map around, the base is just left of Pyote, Texas.

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